How do I know what to buy?

MP5 - used for people above 56lbs (for monitoring 1 person)

The MP5 is designed to monitor one person and will detect shaking or jerking movements such as those encountered during convulsive seizures (Tonic-Clonic ONLY), as well as sounds/noises.  In such an instance, the MP5 transmits a signal to the alarm pager (or both pagers if they are both on) which alerts the provider.  It will not detect milder seizures, and should not be used for people under 56lbs.  This unit comes with two wireless 'pagers' powered by 2 'AA' batteries.  The pager can be worn and and will signal up to 328 feet from the MP5 unit (which stays under the mattress).

To have a complete alarm system for one person, you only need to purchase the MP5.  The motion detector fits between the box spring and the mattress.

IF the mattress is thick, or the bed is large, we recommend the MP5-TWIN as it comes with two sensors and offers the same system features and functions.

ST2 - used for Infants 14lbs and up and all other ages (can be used to monitor up to 4 people - call us for this option)

The ST2 unit is also designed to detect shaking or jerking movements such as those encountered during convulsive seizures; this unit will also detect milder seizure type movements.  In some cases, the unit may also detect the loss of breathing and bed absence, however it is NOT a GUARANTEED feature due to the many types of beds and mattresses, box springs, etc.

Our Bed Motion Alarm Systems will give you peace of mind.  It allows the person being monitored a sense of privacy and security.  Both of you will feel the comfort in knowing that sleep time will be a safe and enjoyable experience.

All our units ship to the USA. 

The MP5 is currently being used in the UK as a Seizure Monitor and has been since 1996, and is listed with the FDA. 

Please read this important article recently published at

Detecting nocturnal convulsions: Efficacy of the MP5 monitor

This is based on a study conducted at the New York University Langone Medical Center, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.



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